Your rate schedule will be determined at the time of enrollment and you will be required to complete a financial agreement with Children’s Safe Stay, Inc. There is no reduction of fees for absences or vacations except in the case of an extended illness of the child. The director should be notified if such a situation occurs.

INFANT/TODDLERS: ages 6 weeks to 24 months Please supply diapers, bottles, formula, and food as needed

Column 1: Regular rate(without discount)

Column 2: Discounted rate paid by Credit/Debit card

Column 3: Discounted rate paid by Check or Cash

3 hours or less $ 9.50per hour $ 10.25           $9.25
Part day (up to 5 hours) $ 45.00 per day $ 50.00         $40.00
Daily per day (5-9 hours) $ 60.00 per day $ 60.00           $50.00
Weekly (30+ hours) $330.00 $190.00           $180.00
      TODDLERS: 24-36 months and up Please supply change of clothes
  PRE-SCHOOL-AGE: Ages 3-5 (Potty Trained) Please supply change of clothes
  SCHOOL-AGE: Ages 5 (Kindergarten – ASK is full-day program) Ages 6-12 Please supply change of clothes
    3 hours or less     $ 9.00per hour     $ 9.00                   $8.50
  Part day (between 3-5 hours) $ 40.00 per day $ 40.00                $35.00
  Daily Per day (6+ hours) $ 55.00 per day $ 50.00                $45.00
  Weekly (30+ hours) $320.00 $180.00             $170.00
    DROP-OFF SERVICE: (on as needed basis) If your child is a registered child and you need emergency child care, we will take your child on a “space available” basis.
Infants (per hour) $ 11.00          $10.00
Toddlers-School Age (per hour) $ 10.00         $9.00
Daily As Needed $ 60.00        $55.00
  • Rates effective 09-05-2016
  • Rates are charged as listed above; hours are not pro-rated; charges are for full hours only.
  • Families will receive discount for rate when fee is paid in advance as per contract. Rates without discounts will be applied within 2 days after the end of the week if payment is not received.
  • Rates for children with special needs will be determined based on program and or healthcare plan agreed upon between parent, healthcare provider, therapists, and daycare provider. (Rate of payment determined by market rate for child care services in NY State.)