School Closings & Delays


Please keep in mind that we will make every attempt to stay open in inclement weather. If the Center will have a delayed opening or be closed due to severe weather, the Center's message will be updated to inform you of this. If we must close early due to severe weather, we will contact you by phone. Please make sure that we always have updated phone numbers to contact you.

Sometimes, we may open and then decide to close early due to the severe weather. Please call ahead before bringing your child to the Center.

  • If NYS declares a State of Emergency, we will be closed.
  • If driving conditions are treacherous, we may delay our opening.
  • If the Port Jervis School District delays their opening or closes for the day, we may do the same.
  • Call 845-858-4923 and listen to our message. It will let you know if the Center is closed or if there is a delayed opening.

Calling Your Child Out For Bad Weather:

If we are open and your child will not be attending Children's Safe Stay due to the weather, please call 845-858-4923 and speak with a staff member or leave a message on the voice mail.

Remember to speak clearly and tell us your child's name. If you will be dropping your child off later then their scheduled time, please call and make us aware of this change.

Children's Safe Stay is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

However, we are open all other Port Jervis School District holidays, including New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day (depending on the number of children who need care).

Contact us to inquire about open days, etc.